Wishing You a Wonderful 2024

As we welcome in the New Year, all of us at WISDOM Good Works are filled with gratitude for your support of our efforts to help bring ecological balance to our planet in 2023.

  • We started off this year in the Galapagos Islands, providing small local farmers with a safe alternative to poison in controlling the rat population that endangers vital crops and endemic species on the archipelago.
  • In the spring, we were off to Jamaica Plains in Boston, where we worked with residents to introduce our GoodBites pellets in their backyards and gardens. We’ve already seen a major reduction in the rodents that disrupted life in the Hyde Square neighborhood.
  • Additionally, we received funding from Open Philanthropy to conduct a rigorous pilot program that will test our fertility-control technology all along the food pipeline – from fields to processing plants to storage and transportation facilities, and finally to consumers.

That’s just a small sampling of the work we’ve done in 2023 to change the paradigm in how we address animal overpopulation. In the coming year, we plan to scale up our programs. And to do that, we need your help.

Please consider an end-of-year donation to WISDOM Good Works and help us continue with this mission, so we can make fertility-control technology the standard for dealing with animal overpopulation, and not the exception.

Here’s to all the promise a new year brings. We wish you fun and safe celebrations this weekend, and look forward to seeing you in 2024.

For a better planet,
Loretta Mayer
WISDOM Good Works