Scaling Up With Digital Innovation

Next week will be the 10th annual World Wildlife Day, a global observance created by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate wildlife and the conservation work being done to ensure the ecosystems thrive.

Each year, World Wildlife Day has a theme and the one for 2024 truly resonates with me: Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation.

Our mission at WISDOM Good Works, restoring ecological balance through the use of organic and effective fertility-control technology, will be relying more and more on digital technology as we work to scale up our efforts.

WISDOM Good Works pilot projects over the past year have taught us two things. The first is that our GoodBites pellets work in a wide variety of settings. They are affordable, rodents like eating them, and the fertility-control formula embedded in each pellet is reducing rat and mice populations effectively without resorting to poison.

The second thing we learned is what is needed to scale up this mission with real-time results and streamlined operations, and that’s where digital innovation comes in.

Our team has created a proprietary app to track consumption of our product by rodents (a key indicator in the efficacy of our fertility-control technology). Our up-to-the-minute data is relayed by web-based software. This allows us to advise users, keep our pellets flowing, and geo-locate the feeding patterns. We’re also working to establish a commercial partner to manufacture our pellets and digitize our fulfillment process.

Finally we are creating an online certification process so other individuals and organizations outside of our pilot projects can begin to benefit from our innovations. Fertility-control technology only works if it is used properly, and we are firmly committed to ensuring that anyone using GoodBites is set up for success.

We know that science work is lost if not translated into use. Stay tuned – we’ll have more details on how we are scaling up our operations soon.