Jamaica Plain Update

Good news is coming out of Boston! We have reached a critical phase in our project in Hyde Square, a residential enclave within the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston that is hosting one of our pilot programs for our fertility-control technology.

A Special Message from Loretta

Happy Giving Tuesday! On this day of global generosity, we would like you to invest in a mission that has global implications.

Giving Thanks for All Living Things

As this special day of gratitude fills our hearts with warmth and thanks, we at WISDOM Good Works would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of you working every day to achieve ecological balance in our world.

Q & A: Why Fertility Control is Good for Rats

Question: Several WISDOM Good Works projects are within sensitive animal environments such as zoos, animal sanctuaries and, of course, the Galapagos Islands. Places where animal welfare is a high concern. Are you concerned about the welfare of the rodents too?

Fighting for the Farallones

Environmentalists and wildlife advocates scored a major win earlier this month when California Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB1322, the California Ecosystems Protection Act of 2023, into law.

Progress and Partners on the (Food) Pipeline

WISDOM Good Works is excited to announce we have enrolled several partners in our pilot program to demonstrate how we can safely and humanely control rodent overpopulation along the food pipeline using fertility-control technology.

The Key Ingredient to Ecological Balance

There are many ways we can bring our world into better ecological balance.

Reducing pollution of all kinds, eliminating use of harmful chemicals in the home or garden, and supporting conservation groups working to save our water and wildlife habitats are highly impactful examples.

Ecological Balance From Sea to Shining Sea

It’s been an exciting week and we have updates for you that stretch from sea to shining sea.

First up is a progress report on our project based in a residential neighborhood of Boston, where residents are coming together and using our fertility-control technology to humanely reduce the local rat population.

Then it’s off to Sacramento, where we saw a legislative victory this week as the state banned another class of rodenticides from use. This is great news for California’s residents, visitors, and wildlife.

WISDOM Good Works Board Announced

One of the greatest assets that a nonprofit can have is a strong and talented Board of Directors. In addition to providing oversight and transparency, they are the advocates of our mission and bring their expertise to the table to further our goals.

It’s a matter of having the right people at the right time, which is why we are pleased to introduce the three individuals who are joining Dr. Cheryl Dyer and myself to form WISDOM Good Works’ board – Bob Ramsey, Susan “Sam” Buchenau, and David Dilley.

Each brings a unique perspective to our purpose of restoring ecological balance in a safe, innovative, and humane way.

Q & A With the Founders of WISDOM Good Works

Drs. Loretta Mayer and Cheryl Dyer are the co-founders of WISDOM (Women in Science Doing Outreach and Mentoring) Good Works, a nonprofit promoting an organic and open-sourced fertility technology to provide an alternative to poison to control animal overpopulation in areas as diverse as the Galapagos Islands, zoos and animal shelters, and residential areas.